10 Interesting Facts About the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for Meeting Planners

MTCC top 10 blog posts of 2015


1. We are the only venue in the world to ever host a G7 (1988) and G20 Summit (2010). Room 204 is commonly referred to as the Summit Room in honour of the G7 meetings that took place within it.


2. 2017 will be a record year! We will host 16 major conventions in 2017, this is more than we have ever hosted before in one fiscal year. Convention topics will range from midwifery to financial services and the list includes SIBOS 2017 and the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASAE 2017).

3. Our vision statement is “we help our customers create successful events” and we mean it.

4. We take pride in our highly successful food donation program. This program ensures that any food items not required by events are stored and donated to food banks and organizations in Toronto. The program was started in 2009 and has seen a total of 77,859kg donated with 19,254kg being donated in 2016 alone. A few of our partners include Second Harvest, the Toronto District School Board’s Student Nutrition Program, and Scott Mission.

5. We love coffee and so do our attendees. 1.4 million cups of coffee are served annually at the MTCC, which amounts to an outstanding 3,836 cups per day.

6. There are well over 11,000 hotel rooms within a mile of our facility, not to mention the mini shampoo bottles and room keys.

7. We are linked to the PATH, Toronto’s downtown pedestrian walkway, which provides attendees access to 1,200 shops and services spanning over 30 kilometres. Toronto’s PATH is recognized as the world’s biggest underground shopping complex. It can be accessed via our South Building.

8. We serve a very diverse and international city and this diversity is reflected in our staff. Our employees can speak an astounding 42 different languages and come from a multitude of cultural backgrounds.


9. Our facility occasionally serves as a movie, TV and commercial set. The MTCC has been the backdrop for Total Recall, Suits, The Rick Mercer Report, and Justin Trudeau’s escalator commercial.

10. Perhaps the most important fact of all is that we host over 500 events annually, which allows us to generate approximately $400 million to $500 million in economic impact each year for Toronto. This contribution in turn creates approximately 4,000 jobs in the community. Booking a meeting at the MTCC is, in fact, making a difference in our city.


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