4 Quick Tips to Impress and Engage Millennial Attendees

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By 2020, millennials will account for almost 50% of the workforce. As the presence of younger generations continues to increase at meetings and events, it has never been more vital for planners to know what keeps this key demographic engaged and happy.

Here are 4 quick MTCC tips on how to leave a lasting impression on younger attendees at your next event, written by a millennial and with exclusive tips from our expert events team.

1. Is your event Instagram-worthy?

According to a recent study, 61% of millennial parents attend events so they have something to share on social media. Impressive event décor, selfie stations, and prominently displayed event hashtags have never been more important. Create a high impact visual that will make attendees reach for their phone.

Events Team: Step & repeats throughout the event are a great way to have your event’s logo in selfie backgrounds. Visually creative food offerings can also create a great Insta moment.

2. Charging stations

Millennials love their phones, apps and to interact at events with their mobile devices. By having charging stations available at your event, you are solving a major problem for attendees faced with low battery power and proving that you know your audience.

Events Team: Create comfortable lounges with charging stations integrated – these could be great for networking as well. Lockable charging stations allow attendees to lock up their phones while they charge and walk around the show.

I’ve had one client offer portable charging packs to assist attendees with charging their phones. There was a station near registration where attendees could sign one out.

3. Technology fun

Millennials notoriously value experiences and technology. Consider event apps, Twitter or even digital signage to leverage games, competitions or trivia to engage this group even further.

Events Team: Event Apps are great to integrate these ideas, especially competitions. The CAEM Conference uses its event app to house an in-app Facebook-type of activity where delegates can update statuses and send pictures just to those attending/using the app. It was a lot of fun and had a great uptake!

4. Wi-Fi

Attendees, especially from younger generations, value quick access to Wi-Fi and fast connection speed. Barriers to either of these could mean the difference between a good impression and a bad one in the eyes of your attendees.

Events Team: Let me add that it’s important for planners to consider the format of their sessions to engage a highly millennial populated group.  They won’t want to sit in a session for 2 hours just listening.  Consider unique workshop activities, but what I really love (and it’s so simple) is to have “fidget toys” on each table. This could include playdoh, pipe cleaners and other little gadgets that can be used to keep the fingers busy.

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