5 things your post-con Wi-Fi data can reveal

What your Wi-Fi data can reveal

It’s never too early to plan your next event, and just as your post-con meeting can uncover insights on everything from your food and beverage selection to your speakers lineup, what you can learn about bandwidth usage can translate to an invaluable resource in future planning.

Earlier this summer we hosted a congress for the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), and our Technology Services team produced a package of analytics that shed light on the event’s bandwidth consumption. Approximately 7,000 people were in attendance, and while the group was regularly connected and particularly active on social media throughout the event, the data showed they only scratched the surface of our available bandwidth. We were pleased to provide ISTH with stats about their event, and they said they have never received a report similar to ours following past congresses.

At our post-con meetings, our Technology Services team shares detailed information like this with show managers regarding their event’s bandwidth consumption. If your host venue isn’t already delivering data about your wireless connection, here is what you should ask for:

  1. The number of concurrent users using Wi-Fi at a time, by hour and/or by day
    • Were the majority of your attendees accessing Wi-Fi at the same time, or was it a smaller percentage of the crowd that was connecting?
  2. The number of total users using Wi-Fi by day and/or for the entire length of the event
    • Was connectivity really high at the start of your event, only to significantly dwindle as the days went on?
  3. The amount of bandwidth used by attendees, either by day and/or the entire length of the event
    • Attendees may have been logged on, but how active were they during those periods?
  4. Peak usage times
    • At which point during your event were people most connecting to Wi-Fi? Was it during a keynote address? An information session?
  5. Users by location in the building
    • Are there rooms or areas that should have had their coverage increased to match your attendees’ preferences?

Even if an event of a similar nature isn’t scheduled for another year or two, gaining insight into how and when your attendees consumed bandwidth, and understanding the data correctly, can become a forward-looking planning tool you can have in your back pocket that will undoubtedly help in the planning of your future needs effectively.

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