Dear Attendees: Where to shop at walking distance from the MTCC

Toronto leaf pillow from Spacing Store

Our conference and event attendees can always rest assured that they are only a few steps away from the best Toronto has to offer. And luckily for those of us who enjoy a little retail therapy, this applies to shopping as well! Whether you’re looking to buy a quick souvenir or have plenty of time to shop, the potential shopping adventures are endless and most importantly easily accessible from your event here at MTCC.

Because even attendees who have very limited free time should get a chance to bring something special home, here are the top shopping destinations at walking distance from the MTCC (including where to get the best unique souvenirs!):


For Souvenirs *All shopping destinations mentioned under this category also offer online shopping.


Total walking time: 10 minutes (depart from North Building)

Why shop here: This is the top destination for clever Toronto-specific souvenirs (such as the Toronto Maple Leaf pillow set shown above!). Hip locals can be seen proudly wearing the store’s “Toronto vs. Everybody” shirts and subway station buttons.


Total walking time: 5 minutes (via the PATH accessible in South Building)

Why shop here: Drake General Store is guaranteed to please those looking for unique, eclectic souvenirs. Items available for purchase are the coolest Canada has to offer, including poutine bowls, Mountie thermoses, and rock coasters.


Total walking time: 7 minutes (depart from South Building)

Why shop here: This one is for the sports fans. Find the best Toronto Blue Jays merchandise at the Jays shop, located in the Rogers Centre just steps away from your event or conference. The Blue Jays thrilled Toronto fans in 2015 when they clinched the American League East division title.


Total walking time: 5 minutes (depart from South Building)

Why shop here: The CN Tower Gift Shop is 8,000 square feet of classic souvenir items and local artisan designs. It is located inside Toronto’s most iconic landmark, the CN Tower, declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


For All Other Shopping Needs


Total walking time: 0 for the PATH, 25 minutes for the Toronto Eaton Centre

Why shop here: Many attendees may not know that the MTCC is connected to the world’s largest underground shopping complex with 30 km (19 miles) of shopping paradise. The retail space connected to the PATH rivals the West Edmonton Mall in size; however, be forewarned that even locals may find it tricky to navigate. Review a map prior to exploring. The PATH is ideal for escaping rain, snow, or hot temperatures, and most importantly it is connected to Toronto’s top shopping mall, the Toronto Eaton Centre.

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