Food Donation Update


According to the Daily Bread Food Bank, Torontonians who depend on the services of organizations who collect and provide food basics to those in need has increased by 200% during the pandemic. The same study also revealed that 1 in 3 children in Toronto now suffer from food insecurity.

Our Centre’s successful food donation program helps ensure that unused food items are donated to organizations that help fight hunger in our community. On an organizational level, many departments work together to ensure the food is prepared, packaged and transported efficiently and safely.

In a typical year, we donate the equivalent of approximately 30,000 meals to food rescue organizations, including to the Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) Student Nutrition Program, Scott Mission and the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Recently, our team coordinated another large food donation, this time to various local shelters. It included over 8,000 food items – such as chicken, salmon, breakfast items, dried fruits etc. The total donation value exceeded $32,000 and included the following items:

-Over 44kg of dried fruits & nuts (the equivalent in weight of 73 pairs of shoes!)

-Over 116kg of cheese

-1,876 pieces of breakfast pastries and cookies

-7,650 portions protein, including chicken thighs, salmon and braised short ribs

-Other – fruit compote, sliced bananas, sautéed mushrooms, mayonnaise, muffin mixes

Mark Meyer, an MTCC employee who oversees our food donation program, told us what it means to him to be able to donate food to those in need during this challenging time:

“At the best of times it is important to help those who are struggling. During times likes this when so many are experiencing hardships it is even more vital that we offer a hand getting up.  Not only is it about a meal for someone. It is about letting some one know that others care.”

During difficult times, let’s lift each other up.

For more information about food donation and other CSR initiatives, click here.


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