Breaking all conventions with culinary delights

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One of the event takeaways that we delight in hearing about from our clients and guests relates to food. And in a world where food blogs and #instafood pictures abound, it’s no wonder. While many of us here at the Centre can identify as “foodies,” our culinary team led by Executive Chef Duff and Executive Pastry Chef Mia is naturally the most passionate group in this department. Their zeal for cuisine shines through every dish prepared in our kitchen – whether it’s a boxed lunch or part of a several-course banquet.

Our team was recently tasked with creating a delectable new menu, and what they came up with broke all conventions (pun intended). Drawing inspiration from the international nature of our business, our menus now speak to the tourism industry through a selection of cross-Canada dishes that showcases what our country has to offer. And for an added touch, they feature the delicacies of local Ontario ingredients. The result? Beautifully plated items that tempt both the eye and palate. Equally rich in colour and in taste, what our culinary team is producing for our roster of events is nothing short of a craft.

While our new menus have officially launched and pleased the tastes of recent guests, our culinary team has flexed their creative muscle once more to come up with an array of online exclusive recipes. We’re excited to share these with you, and we hope you’ll savour these and other stories from our Food and Beverage team.

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