Keeping the spirit of giving year-round

Keeping the spirit year-round at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

There is one thing about this time of year that I think universally unites us, and no, it’s not shopping. It seems that most people are just nicer this time of year. More generous. ‘Tis the season of giving after all, and whether it’s canned goods or monetary donations, the holidays are the one time of year where everyone seems to dig a little deeper into their pockets and cupboards to contribute to a greater cause.

The Centre is a place that fosters a company-wide culture towards donations and outreach year-round as so many opportunities to give back to the community are available throughout each month for employees. In April, you can find a team partaking in an Earth Day garden cleanup and planting session over at Olympic Park. The following month, you might find a group of us donning chef hats and aprons, whipping up multiple batches of soup for the Toronto District School Board Student Nutrition Program. In the summertime, chef hats could be swapped out for hard hats when on location at a Habitat for Humanity GTA Build site. Come the cooler months, a team may be visiting the Ronald McDonald House to prepare dinner for families utilizing the house’s accommodations while their children are being treated in hospital.

Outside these events, donations regularly exit the facility. So much of this has to do with the amount of items that enter the Centre for events, only to be left behind after the shows close their doors. Our team has seen it all: rolls and rolls of carpet, piles of pens, notepads, binders, tile, fencing, furniture – you name it. Rather than tossing these items into the trash, they are sent to charitable organizations, who, in turn, find them permanent and much-needed homes. Leftover food is something else, which is often packaged up for donation as it can be challenging to anticipate how much food is actually needed for an event. Rather than run out of menu items in the middle of a gala, for example, more is prepared and whatever is leftover (and left untouched and fresh) is then immediately whisked away to a local charity.

This time of year is special, no doubt, for a number of reasons. And while this time of year is seemingly universally acknowledged as the season of giving, it’s important to remember that charitable organizations are in need of help (be it monetary, food donations, or even volunteer time) year-round.

Happy Holidays!

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