Meet the bloggers

Welcome to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre blog. Over the last 30 years, our North and South buildings have housed more than 18,000 events, and more than 55 million people have walked our halls. It’s been an exciting and dynamic time, and knowing no two days ever mirror one another, we realized… whether it’s about our people, events, or the Centre itself, we have a lot of stories to share. We invite you to read on and meet the authors behind our blog who have very different roles and stories to tell…


MelanieMelanie enjoys writing and creating compelling social media content. In a nutshell, she can be described as an optimistic small town girl who thinks there is something magical about conferences and trade show floors.


VivianOur resident environmental gal with a green thumb is Vivian, and she has served as Sustainability Officer for almost four years. When she’s not developing and maintaining innovative green initiatives for the Centre, Vivian can usually be found in her garden or cycling. And sometimes dumpster diving.