Meeting Planners: Coffee May Help Brew a Better Meeting

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Last year, we estimate that 1.4 million cups of coffee were served at meetings and events taking place in our facility. This figure does not include coffee consumed by our staff, who certainly enjoy a good cup of java.

Coffee is a beloved staple in the meetings industry, and a new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology may persuade meeting planners to increase its presence at every meeting.

Could coffee contribute to leaving a great impression on meeting attendees?

A group of researchers analyzed the performance of meeting participants who drank coffee before a meeting and compared it to those who did not. They concluded that those who drank coffee before the meeting were more productive and focused during group discussion. Not only did participants who drank coffee perform better, they also perceived themselves and their group in a more positive light.

The researchers created a second experiment where they gave everyone coffee, but this time some participants were given decaffeinated cups. The results were the same. Those who drank caffeinated coffee were much more alert, focused and still rated personal and group participation higher than those who drank decaf.

Research confirms that planners can benefit from serving coffee at meetings, and we’re certainly not going to argue with science. We are proudly partnered with Starbucks to provide a high-quality coffee experience at your next meeting.

Here are a few ideas on how to integrate coffee into your next meeting at the MTCC, directly from our food & beverage department:

– Consider enhancing your event or meeting with a professionally trained barista. Baristas work with state-of-the-art Italian espresso machines and can whip up premium quality cappuccinos, lattes, chilled coffee beverages and more on the show floor or in an exhibitor’s booth. This type of high-volume speciality coffee service is always well received by attendees.

– Coffee cups, sleeves, even the espresso machine itself can include branding, for an added touch.

– Coffee is always well complemented with freshly made bread and pastry selections, especially when they are made fresh by our skilled pastry team, led by Executive Pastry Chef Mia De Ala.

Discuss with your Event Manager how your event or meeting can benefit from great coffee service.

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