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Attendees at MTCC sit in a meeting room

When you walk through the doors to the corporate offices of the Centre, one of the first things you will see is our company motto prominently featured on a wall before you. “We help our customers create successful events.” From customer service to cleanliness to menu development, our focus is placed on a number of ways in which this vision statement is actualized. Another area that receives attention and investment is technology. Wi-Fi capabilities and LCD screens are a couple examples that fall under this category, and very recently, an update to our audio visual equipment, specifically presentation projectors, is another.

What does this mean? In partnership with our official AV supplier, Freeman Audio Visual Canada, planners may now find newly installed Sony projectors and screens seamlessly integrated into our meeting rooms for a wide range of business, education, and entertainment applications. With any new upgrade to our facility, there comes a number of questions from our clients, mainly, how will this impact my event? Well, we thought it best to provide further information straight from the AV experts themselves, Freeman.

Q. Where can the new projectors and screens be found throughout the Centre?

Freeman: The new Sony projector and screen combo may be found in meeting rooms 801, 802, and 803, as well as in all Level 200 and 700 meeting rooms, with the exception of room 718.

Q. How much room space do the new projectors and screens occupy?

Freeman: Virtually none. Room space is maximized as the new screens and projectors are affixed to the ceilings of the meeting rooms. If planners choose to utilize our permanently installed AV equipment rather than bring in their own, then floor space is completely opened up, which ultimately leaves more room and flexibility for seating and head tables.

Q. Will the permanently installed projectors and screens interfere with the look/setup/appearance of the room?

Freeman: Quite the contrary, actually; the projectors and screens are off the ground. Gone are the cables, floor tape, and cart for the projector to sit on in the middle of the room. A clean aesthetic is what you’ll get with the new permanently installed projectors and screens, and what’s more, due to their ceiling placement, rooms can now be seamlessly divided or joined for larger groups.

Q. How long will it take to set up the equipment for my meeting?

Freeman: Because the projectors and screens are permanently installed, rooms can be set quicker, which allows for a faster turn-around time. Clients’ minds can be put to ease when time is limited because the equipment is always present in the rooms. Timelines for setup and dismantling are reduced, which translates to a great benefit for those meetings that are booked last minute within the Centre.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your designated Event Manager who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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  1. I’ll be part of a team hosting a charrette for the first time next spring and we’ve been thinking of what we’ll need. This has given me an idea of what type of AV technology we’ll be needing. Though I’ll have to run it by the team before I start looking into where to rent projectors.

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