Show Management: Three Easy Ways to Reduce your Event’s Environmental Footprint While Saving Money


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at the Centre, and we are proud to offer every event and exhibitor the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint and give back to the community in a meaningful way. Here are three ways your event can reduce its environmental footprint and save time and money:

1 – Order Booth Services Online

Save paper, time and trees! There is a simple way for your exhibitors to order booth services online. Our online ordering tool is a great environmentally-friendly way to save cost on paper. Exhibitors who order online prior to the early bird deadline can save up to 40% on services as well.

Order booth services online here:

2 – Manage Move In with Voyage Control

Moving in using the Voyage Control application allows exhibitors to pre-reserve a time on their mobile device for unloading exhibitor/booth materials directly at our Centre instead of being redirected to the marshalling yard, resulting in a time savings of approximately 20 minutes per exhibitor.

Voyage Control has important implications for reducing traffic and carbon monoxide emissions in the local area by reducing idling time and driving time for vehicles carrying exhibitor materials. The estimated total driving distance saved by the exhibitors who participated in the initial trial for the app was 500 kilometres, the equivalent of driving from Toronto to Montreal. This initial trial also contributed to an estimated decrease in C02 emissions by 144kg. By using this new app, events can save money on gas and labour, not to mention time.

Speak to your event manager about how you can use Voyage Control for your next event.

3 – Donate Items and Food – and let us know in advance!

Donating leftover items and food can play a big role in reducing costs associated with waste management after the event. Last year, we donated over 55,000kg of reusable materials and over 90,00kg of food from events and conferences to charities in the community. The recipients of donated materials and food include Habitat for Humanity, TDSB’s Arts Junktion Program, Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest, TDSB’s Student Nutrition Program, Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services and Red Door Family Shelter. Speak to your event manager for further details about donating items and food.

For more information on our commitment to sustainable meeting solutions and to learn more about additional ways to green your event, please visit:

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