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Welcome to the first in a series of blogs written by your friendly neighbourhood Event Manager, Danielle Gaudet. I’m very pleased to be invited into your computer or smartphone screen for a short while as you take a break from your busy day.

I’ve been an Event Manager here at the MTCC for the past four years. I’m proud that I work in a bustling venue where I see hundreds of events of all shapes and sizes every year, and I tend to brag about my adventures to non-industry people. That conversation always leads to the inevitable questions: What’s your favourite event to work on? Have you met anyone famous? I think it’s human nature to want to know about the excitement and glamour, especially for a job that most non-industry people in my life assume is party planning. Has anything gone terribly wrong? They will ask about the horror stories next. Although the answers to those last two questions are an enthusiastic yes, when I reflect on my most memorable events, the stories that come out do not centre around celebrities or calamities, not glory or gore. I find the most stimulating and rewarding events have one thing in common: they all have something delightfully unique about them.

As a supplier, when a client comes to me with a problem or situation, this is my cue to collect all of the knowledge that my team possesses and come to the table with information of value. Sometimes a client comes to me with a situation so unique that, in our 30 years of operation, we have to admit that we’ve never heard of that one before. Those head-scratchers are my favourite events.

For example, I worked on an event where the turnaround time between two keynotes was unheard of for the number of attendees in attendance. It was exciting to support my client through the process of creating this massive plan to shepherd thousands of attendees safely and swiftly in and out of the plenary.

During another event, the planner was surprised to learn at the eleventh hour that no devices with a camera (phones, tablets, cameras) were allowed into one particular session to avoid leaking of confidential information. Imagine formulating a plan to ask 500 attendees to leave their phone at a secure coat-check-like area for several hours during the day…and that’s precisely what we did, and quite successfully I might add.

In working through the possible solutions to odd situations, clients and suppliers rely on all of their experiences, creativity, and instincts to put forth a plan. This collaboration can be exhilarating and certainly makes for great dinner party stories, but beyond that, it’s all done in effort to help produce a successful event.

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